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Business Description

OPTEX FA CO., LTD. is a creative development company dedicated to providing photoelectric sensors, displacement sensors, vision sensors, LED lighting for image processing, and non-contact thermometers for quality control and automation in factory production lines, all at high quality, high performance and high competence.

Growing out of the industrial photoelectric sensor division of OPTEX CO., LTD. in 2002, OPTEX FA has become a group company responsible for the core business of OPTEX GROUP CO., LTD. (listed in the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange). Within Japan, OPTEX FA continues to contribute to quality improvement of production lines in a wide range of industries with a focus on food and pharmaceutical industries. Overseas, technical collaboration with SICK AG (Germany)—which boasts the top share of industrial sensors in Europe—has led to OPTEX FA products being sold in a variety of regions including Europe, Asia, and North America, all with a strong sense of customer trust.

In order to contribute to improving quality and reducing costs at production sites, OPTEX FA continues to provide innovative products with high added value based on our corporate philosophy of “Customer satisfaction, company growth, and employee happiness.”

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