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Business Description:

Tosei (Thailand) Co., Ltd. We are the manufacturer and the consultant for High Precision In-Line Measuring system, we also provide the best Technical support service, Measuring data management system and Auto feedback measuring system (sending measuring result for auto offset at processing machine).

For example of the measurement that we could provide are Inner diameter, Outer diameter, Thickness , etc. and including the measurement about Geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T), Circularity, Cylindricity, Perpendicularity, Concentricity, Run-out, etc.

We are the professional in In-Line Measuring system.

Established in Thailand since 2004, background from Japan since 1969.

Service & Business
1. Measuring System for Grinding Process
– Machine Control Gauge (Auto Sizer)
– Grinding Monitoring System
– Grinding Wheel Auto Balance
2. Measuring System for Turning Process
– Measuring module inside machine
– Measuring module nearby machine
– Feedback measuring system, sending measuring result for auto offset at processing machine
3. Measuring System for Machining Process
– ATC Run-Out Detection System
4. Measuring System for Post-Process
– Air Micrometer
– Electric Micrometer
– PC-based Measuring System (USB Gauge)
– Measuring Data Management (SPC analysis, Production and Planing control)
5.  Automatic Measuring Machine
– Customize Measuring Machine for various application
6. Technical Support
– Preventive Maintenance
– Retrofit & Repair
– Training Center

Phone Number:
+66 3819-3282-3
+66 3819-3284

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