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Toyota Material Handling, a division of Toyota Industries Corporation. The flow of goods links the world and enriches the lives of people and society. By providing a diverse range of meterial handling equipment such as forklifts, Toyota Material Handling Group supports people working at the frontlines of logistics and helps bring smiles to the faces of people all over the world. Global share of market is No.1 in 17 consecutive years.

Toyota’s historical focus on Quality finds its source deep in the company’s adoption of Kaizen , an almost obsessive mindset of continuous improvement, one of the pillars of the world acclaimed Toyota Production System, or TPS . The founding principles of The Toyota Way , are our own, unique way of striving for and achieving Customer Satisfaction . We put our Solution Company attitude fully at our clients’ service, delivering products that, as a consequence, provide Exceptional Efficiency , yet are known to be Reliable , Trustworthy and Safe.

Toyota Material Handling is a reliable partner for leading integrated material handling solutions. The group's expensive line-up provide solutions for all material handling needs, including horizontal transport, loading and unloading, stacking indoors and outdoors and order picking. Built according Toyota production system principles, this equipment offers exceptional driver and user comfort and promotes the highest levels of quality, productivity, and safety for businessess of all sizes in transport and retail. In order to maximize warehouse efficiency and flexibility, Toyota also supplies semi-automated trucks, shuttles and AGV's. Furthermore, the company has an extensive track record in setting up fully automated material handling solutions. Toyota's integrated portfolio of innovative systems and intelligent software allows it to meet the complex challenges of today's world. This is complemented by its forward thinking approach and commitment to developing state-of-the-art of technology. By supplying such a diverse range of material handling solutions. Toyota Material Handling supports the front line of logistics. it also manages projects of all sizes and provides global service coverage and knowledge. By doing so, Toyota aims to confirm our position as the number one global player in material handling equipment with a complete range of solutions.

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