This panel mount PID (proportional integral derivative) temperature controller from the RS PRO range is a self-regulating device that can be used for controlling egg hatcher processes.

Product Description

Brand : RS PRO

Model : 875-1245
Standard controllers have a relatively limited set of functions, turning the heat on and off whenever sensors record too-high or too-low temperatures. PID controllers are more advanced, using mathematical formulas to ensure process temperatures and other variables remain close to the user setpoints at all times.
This controller is very easy to install and used to control things like egg tray rotators or incubation temperatures. It has a clear LED display and an easy-to-use button operation. It also features sturdy panel mounting, which reduces external strain on the electrical connections and lowers the risk of failure.
• Relay output type
• Three outputs
• Supply voltage of 230 V ac
• 76 x 34.5 mm
• Temperature range of 0°C to +100°C
• LED display • Screw termination type
• Programmable heating, egg tray rotator, humidification and alarm control
• Max operating temperature of +80°C
• Minimum operating temperature of -30°C
• No communication module available
• Panel mounting
• Panel depth of 71mm
• PTC input
• One input
• IP ratings include IP20, IP65
• PID control type

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