Almega Friendly Series FD-B6

Almega Friendly Series FD-B6

Product Description

Main features
● Fastest cycle times in the industry, resulting in to shorter tact time.
● Built-in wrist motor eliminates interference with jigs and workpieces.
● Slim arm enables high-density installations.
● Synchro-feed welding cables are built into the arm.
● Eliminates the interference normally caused by weld cables behind the arm.
● A signal line and air hose are also built-in, supporting a variety of advanced tools.
● Payload is 6kg, providing surplus payload for torch and sensor models.
● Accommodates advanced welding technologies such as Synchro-feed and Cold Tandem.
● IP64 environmental raiting: dust-proof and rainproof.

Item Specifications
Model Name NB6
Structure Vertical articulated type
Number of Axes 6
Wrist Payload 6kg
Weight 145kg
Load of upper arm 10kg

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