Automation Controller is a highly standardized, low wiring cost, and compact all-in-one controller. Equipped with choosing Pulse, Mechatrolink, RTEX ,and Ethercat protocol which has simple wiring, low power loss, and enhances processing speed. SYNTEC provides the product warranty and technical service to serve all customers around the world. Suitable for customized machine. Save time and Save cost.

Product Description

Brand :  SYNTEC
Model : FC controller

– Provide eHMI application for users to customize operation interface conveniently
– Able Customized G-code and M-code, customized machine can be used easily
– Support standard G-code and M-code that widely use in many well-known CNC controller brand
– Provide dipole architecture, users can integrated the customized software on PC
– Provide optional vision system or automation pick & place equipments for highly automated integration solutions

– Customized machine: Any or special purpose machine, such ash Tapping center, Glass cutting, cutter grinding machine, PCB molding, Spring Machine, laser processing machine, flame cutting machine, stone processing machine, spot welding machine, laser, gantry, and ETC.












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