CC-Link IE TSN is the first to combine gigabit Ethernet bandwidth with Time Sensitive Networking (TSN). It has increased openness while further strengthening performance and functionality.

Product Description

Brand : CLPA
Model : CC-Link IE TSN
CC-Link IE TSN adds TSN to increase openness while further strengthening performance and functionality.
– In order to create smart factories, essential issues include gathering real-time information from production processes, processing it via edge computing, and then transmitting it seamlessly to IT systems.
– To realize smart factories, productivity improvement through higher equipment performance and functionality is essential, along with advanced motion control. This is especially true in advanced industries such as semiconductor and battery manufacturing.
– CC-Link IE TSN builds on the benefits of CC-Link IE by improving communication functions and synchronization accuracy. Demand for TSN support will therefore increase, as this technology makes it possible to mix different networks on the same trunk line and provide real-time communication through time synchronization.Thus the motion control capabilities have been significantly enhanced.
– CC-Link IE TSN enables seamless, smooth connection from upper level IT systems to OT systems at production sites, allowing the expanded use of a wide variety of applications in manufacturing.
TSN (Time-Sensitive Networking)
TSN consists of multiple international standards. The major standards are IEEE802.1AS (which defines the time synchronization method) and IEEE802.1Qbv (which defines the time sharing method). Combining these with the Ethernet standard enables punctuality, ensuring transmission within a given period of time, and mixed implementation with other communication protocols.

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