CC-Link obtains SEMI certification

CC-Link obtains SEMI certification
The open field network as a global standard

Product Description

CC-Link is the high-speed field network able to simultaneously handle both control and information data. With the high communication speed of 10 Mbps, CC-Link can achieve the maximum transmission distance of 100 meters and connect to 64 stations.
High-speed and Highly Deterministic Input-Output Response
In addition to high-speed 10 Mbps operation, CC-Link is extremely deterministic. Being able to rely on a predictable, unvarying I/O response allows system designers to provide reliable, real-time control.
– Efficiency through Reduced Wiring
– CC-Link Provides Compatibility between Multiple Vendor Products
– Easy to Extend Transmission Distance
– CC-Link Realizes High Reliability with RAS Function.

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