Circular Saw Machine

High accuracy cut-off machine with advanced sawing technology

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Model : P-75ILA
 Circular Saw Machine
High accuracy cut-off machine with advanced sawing technology.
The EVERISING has been specializing in mid to large sized band saws since 1982 and also has produced circular saw over 22 years. With two factories in Taichung and another in Kunshan, China, yearly output is in excess of 4,000 units. Domestic sales offices are established in Taipei, Taichung, Tainan and Kaohsiung.
The circular saw machine is the new classic type with high capacity and efficiency for the metal cutting market developed to high efficiency and high-accuracy demands. The improving process is based on the customer’s feedback of the old type by a wide margin research to improve the competitiveness, and cooperate with the major saw blade manufacturer in the cutting information study to get this new generation type. The efficiency of this machine is triple to the major band saw cutting machine at the present market. With its high-accuracy advantage, this machine belongs to the growth stage in Product-Life–Cycle, PLC. The market grows up fast and brings the new revolutionary demand for traditional sawing and cutting. These couple years after the new machine launched on the market, the annual sales amount grew more than 100%. Also, there are more than 150 EVERISING P-Series in Thailand proven the success.
Features of P-75ILA: 
– Inner brake transmission system can get high cutting performance and longer saw blade lifetime
– The saw head action/cutting direction is linear slide (horizontal) feeding way to get longer saw blade lifetime
– Accurate length index device, drive by servomotor and ball screw
– New vise system to get shorter remnant length for cost reducing
– Floating shuttle device
– Precise and short working time for solid and pipe material
– Ideal for hard and heavy cutting material
– Friendly and easy to operation touch screen with cutting data

– Fully enclosed machine, low noise level, user friendly


   (Round bar) Ø10 – 75 mm
   (Square bar) 10 – 54 mm
Blade speed: 50-200 RPM
Saw Blade size:  Ø285 x T2.0 x 1.75t mm
   (Blade drive) 7.5 Kw (10 HP)
   (Hyd. pump) 1.5 Kw (2 HP)
Servo motor:
   (Saw head servo) 1.5KW
   (Feeding servo) 1.0KW
Bar Feed:  Servo motor and ball screw
Automatic Feed Length:   
   (Single feed) 8-600mm
   (Multiple feed) -3000mm
Automatic Chip conveyor:  Scraper type
Cooling:  Air compressed oil mist
Machine Weight With Table:  3200 kgs
Floor space:    
   (Machine) 2700W x 1900L
   (With Loading Table) 2700W x 6835L
* All specifications, dimensions and design characteristics shown in this catalogue are subject to change without prior notice.

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