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Bridgeport V1000  :

The Bridgeport V Series Vertical Machining Centers are new generation machines. These machines are fully digital, high- quality machine tool, designed to achieve maximum capacity and performance in the Job Shop, OEM, Aerospace, Automotive and Power Generation Industries and many other manufacturing sectors.

Product Description


Model : V 1000
Bridgeport’s innovative technology provides superior accuracy, repeatability, a large load rating, stable accuracy, high rigidity and low friction optimum for small to medium parts. All of the robust features are designed into a small cost-effective footprint machine. The machines come packed with standard features including a BIG-PLUS® spindle, oil chiller, chip conveyor, coolant flush system, preparation for through spindle coolant (with rotary union), coolant wash down gun, tri-color stack light and many standard control features.
Machine specification
X, Y, Z travel 1020 x 610 x 610 mm
Table size 1200 x 600 mm
Load capacity 900 kg
Spindle speed 10000 rpm / BBT 40
Automatic tool changer 30 positions (swing arm type)
Motor spindle 18.5 KW / max. torque 95 Nm
Ball screw diameter / Drives X, Y, Z = 45 mm / X,Y  = 3 KW, Z = 4 KW
Rapid traverse rate X, Y  =  43 m/min, Z  =  36 m/min

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