The OML-1060 is an automatic bagging system to fill open mouth bags with free-flowing products. This bagging system is ideal for low and medium capacities, offering quick and easy changeover between different bag sizes or product.


Product Description

The empty bag is picked up from the closed-end side from the bag magazine, and separated by a rotating grid. The bag mouth is opened with two suction pads. Two arms grip the mouth of the bag and place it onto the spout. The spout keeps the bags opened in filling position. After the filling, the bag is lowered on the underneath conveyor belt. A specific system stretches the mouth of the bag and prepare it to be transferred to the closing line.

Compact, sturdy design. Perfect for low to medium production rates.

Efficient bagging solution for virtually any free-flowing products while handling multiple bag sizes.

Quick bag changeovers, excellent machine accessibility and simple operation.

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