Yokogawa cybersecurity services enable you to act quickly and make the right decisions – not only in case of hacker attacks but in any other case of intentional or unintentional cybersecurity incident. We equip you with tools, people and processes that enable operation teams to detect and respond to irregularities at first view.

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Brand : Yokogawa

We are in a new age of controlling cybersecurity risks.

The way we work is changing. The connectivity is increasing, and the cybersecurity threat landscape is changing with it. To help our customers continue their industrial operations safely and securely, Yokogawa provides comprehensive cybersecurity solutions and services based on defense in depth strategy. We focus on delivering long-term lifecycle services while understanding customers’ challenges and working continuously for improvements in a close partnership. Yokogawa follows one overall objective: to minimize risk and maximize corporate values according to our self-commitment as a lifecycle value partner. Yokogawa aims to become your #1 trusted partner and achieve long-term, stable, and secure operations.

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Tel. : (66) 2715 8600

Email : yea-th-marketing@yokogawa.com

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