DAQ measures electrical and physical properites over times to generate data that can be analyzed using a computer. A sensor or transducer can be used to convert data from physical properties to electrical signals.

Product Description

Brand : Keysight
Model : DAQ970A

  • 3-slot mainframe with USB and LAN
  • 6 1/2-digit (22-bit) internal DMM, scanning up to 450 channels per second with new solid-state multiplexer module
  • 9 switch and control plug-in modules to choose from
  • 24-bit sampling rate of 800 kSa/s with a new DAQM909A 4 channel digitizer module
  • Built-in signal conditioning measures thermocouples, RTDs and thermistors, AC/DC volts and current; resistance, frequency/period, diode test and capacitance
  • 100k readings of non-volatile memory holds data when power is removed
  • Hi/LO alarm limits on each channel, plus 4 TTL alarm outputs
  • A BenchVue software license (BV0006B) is now included with your instrument. BenchVue makes it simple to connect, control instruments, and automate test sequences

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