DEX-100 is a tool to help offline machinery change to online machinery just use a monitor signal to make OCR to collect data form the screen and send data to the server without bending the machine down.

Product Description

Brand : ADLINK

ADLINK’s DEX-100 intelligent data extraction system with built-in frame grabber utilizes optical character recognition (OCR) to collect and process legacy PC-based display content, converging traditionally fragmented data extraction methods into a unified solution for all types of PC-based machines.

An easy-to-configure utility maps acquired real-time video content with no additional programming required, and provides a user-configured interface consolidating machine content of interest into a single predefined page. Unique offline script editing enables system setup offline from the target device, for little-to-no interference with operations.

Singularly effective interface extends M2M function with addition of devices such as barcode scanners and sensors, and simultaneous sharing of all collected data for distribution to anywhere in the network, via DDS (Data Distribution Services) protocol in real-time, enhancing reliability and efficiency. Remote control of pre-categorized IO-status, alarm, and data writing enable both horizontal and vertical OT/IT converge.




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