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Form Fill Seal machines

Form Fill Seal machines

Form fill seal machines

With hundreds of form fill and seal (FFS) bagging machines sold all around the world, Premier Tech is undoubtedly one of the leading suppliers of FFS baggers for bags heavier than 5kg. Form fill and seal machines from Premier Tech can handle a wide range of products including minerals, chemicals, food, wood pellets, seed, etc. They can use a weighing scale or a volumetric feeder depending on your product.

Premier Tech’s form fill and seal bagging machines can bag up to 33 bags per minute depending on the model chosen. Depending on the size of your project, your budget or the production rate required, Premier Tech can supply a FFS bagging machine that will perfectly fit your needs.

Product Description

VFFS Series – Vertical form, fill and seal bagging machine
For granular products, large particles and fibrous products.
Use rolls of flat polyethylene film to make its own bags.

TFFS Series – Tubular FFS bagging machine
For powders, granular products, large particles and flakes.
Use tubular film rolls of polyethylene to make its own bags.http://www.ptsystemsautomation.com

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