Heat Exchanger

Air cooled Heat Exchanger provided by Jord, Shell and tube (STHE) provided by Bronswerk, Vaporizer provided by Armstrong chemtec, Exhance Tube Heat Exchanger provided by Wieland, Transfer line Exchanger provided by Arvos, Thermal rating programm provided by HTRI and Brazed Aluminium Heat Transfer Exchangers (BAHX) provided by Fives.

Product Description

Brand : JORD Australia, Bronswerk, Armstrong, HTRI, Arvos, Wieland and Fives

Air cooled Heat Exchanger provided by Jord : Jord has designed,fabricated and commissioned multiple thousands of bespoke air cooler; pressures up to 450 bar, temperatures from -60 degree to 450 degree toxic, lethal and hydrogen services, viscous, high pour point services.

Company Info


Contact Information :

Tel. : (66) 3863 1272 to 3, (66) 8 1164 9589

Email : pisit@pts-thai.com

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