The Absolute Arm makes high-accuracy portable measurement effortless. Every part has been designed with practicality, usability and stability in mind. The product of over 35 years of experience in developing articulated measuring arms, it combines a clear picture of the future of portable metrology with the features that users have always wanted to see.

Product Description

Brand : Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence
Model : Absolute Arm

With the Absolute Arm, it’s all in the design. Design for high measurement productivity, so other manufacturing processes can stay on schedule. Design for practicality, so users can measure in almost any industrial environment. Design for flexibility, to meet the demands of any metrology challenge, anywhere, can scanning and measurment with high technology and high accuracy and simple to use.

Company Info


Contact Information :

Tel. : +66 2582-2051-3, +66 8 7598-1331

Email : kongponlert@digigate.co.th

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