Key Features

• Compliance with IEC 60601-1:2005 Ed 3.0, JIS T 0601-1:2012 for medical-use electrical devices and essential to electrical safety (*Starting on June 1, 2012, medical electrical equipment sold in the EU must comply). Model ST5540 comply with IEC 60601-1:2005+ A1:2012 (Ed 3.1), and IEC 62353 of 2017

• Compliance with Electrical Appliances and Materials Safety Act, JIS, IEC, and UL standards for general-use electrical devices

• Uninterrupted polarity switching function dramatically reduces cycle time

• Support for rated currents up to 20 A gives the instrument more than adequate capability for testing products designed to comply with new standards

• Touch panel features simple, interactive operation

• Communications functionality and external I/O support allow automatic testing on production lines

Product Description

Brand : HIOKI
Model : ST5540

ใช้ในการทดสอบความปลอดภัยทางไฟฟ้าเช่นความต้านทานของฉนวน, ทนต่อแรงดันไฟฟ้า, ความต้านทานต่อพื้นดินและกระแสไฟรั่วเสมอ (for medical-use electrical devices)

Company Info


Contact Information :

Tel. :  (66)2 051 5323

Email : thanika@hioki.com.sg / vasinee@hioki.com.sg

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