Following the successful 2018 introduction and growing market demands, ISCAR further expands the MICRO-3-FEED fast feed milling tool line.

Product Description

Brand : ISCAR
Model : New Product Expansion of the MICRO-3-FEED Fast Feed Milling Tool Family
Milling Cutters
FFT3 EFM indexable endmills with an integral body in diameters of 8, 20 and 25mm.
FFT3 EFM-MM indexable endmills with MULTI-MASTER threaded adaptors in diameters of 20 and 25mm.
FFT3 WXMT 03 inserts are now available in IC882 and IC 5820 carbide grades. These two grades were developed specifically for machining high temperature superalloys, titanium, difficult-to-cut austenitic and duplex stainless steel. FFT3 inserts in IC882 and IC5820 carbide grades will expand the application range for ISO S and ISO M groups.

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