Energy-Saving Chiller
Dc Inverter Chiller-Air Cooled Series

Product Description

Brand : ORION

Model : ORION RKE1500B1VW-G1

  • The air cooling machine is operated at a cold water temperature of 20 ° C, an ambient temperature of 32 ° C, a water cooling machine at a cold water temperature of 20 ° C, and a cooling water temperature at 32 ° C. The cooling capacity is 95% or more of the display capacity.
  • The phase unbalance of power supply voltage should be within ±3%.
  • Maximum operating current within the operating range.
  • Except when starting and when the cooling load is small and the compressor is turned ON and OFF.
  • The driving sound is 1 m front and 1 m high.
  • It incorporates an overcurrent protection combined type earth leakage breaker as standard.

1. Clean water and 30 to 40% industrial ethylene glycol solution are recommended for liquid (cold water) used in this machine. However, when using an industrial ethylene glycol aqueous solution of 30 to 40%, since the cooling capacity drops by about 10% Please be careful.
2. Also, in the case of pure water, please set the electric conductivity to 1 S / cm or more.

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