Displays signal voltage against time to show a waveform shape and provides a veriety of waveform measurement and analysis capabilities (with additional software).

Product Description

Brand : Keysight
Model : InfinniiVision 3000T X-series

  • 100 MHz – 1 GHz, DSO and MSO models
  • Speed testing with simplified operation and documentation enabled by the 8.5-inch capacitive touch screen
  • Isolate signals in seconds with exclusive Zone Touch Triggering
  • See the most signal detail with 1,000,000 wfms/s update rate
  • Quickly modulate and characterize signals with built-in WaveGen 20 MHz ARB, 3-digit voltmeter and 8-digit frequency counter & totalizer options
  • Decode serial busses faster with hardware-based serial analysis options
  • Protect your investment with full upgradeability

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Tel. : +66 2717-1400

Email : info@irct.co.th

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