Raman Microscopy & Spectroscopy

Product Description

Brand: Nanophoton
Model: RAMANtouch

Nanophoton is the pioneer of confocal laser scanning microscopy and spectroscopic analysis. To celebrate, we relaunch our fastest and highest resolution confocal Raman microscope.

With a newly designed spectrograph and the latest optical technologies, RAMANtouch/RAMANforce’s spatial resolution and sensitivity have been highly improved, making it the optimal solution for all applications.

– The highest resolution at every objectives
– The highest spatial resolution
– Depth resolution by dedicated confocal optics
– Raman analysis of a 100 nm particle
– Ultra-fast Raman imaging by line illumination
– Optical system has been redesigned to be 1.93 times more sensitive

Company Info


Contact Information :

Tel. : (66)2 668 2436-9

Email : Webmaster@coax.co.th


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