High performance inverter with innovative ease-of-use and excellent driving performance

Product Description

Brand : Hitachi

Model : SJ – P1

● Intuitive, easy-to-use LCD operator is standard.

● High starting torque at low speed range while in control of heavy loads (ND rating).

● Decreasing overshoot and undershoot contributes to smooth and stabilized operation with reduced load shock (Gain mapping Function).

● Availability to control either induction motor or permanent magnet AC motor (PM motor) from same inverter unit. Programmable current limit to protect demagnetization of the PM motor is also prepared.

● 590Hz at the maximum operation is available for precise metal processing. For PM motor, also up to 400Hz (actual output frequency depends on motor).

● Cooling fan and the main circuit capacitor is designed for 10 years life. (This is an estimate value by ambient temperature 40°C (annual average) and output rated current 80%).

● Triple-rated for Induction motor for various applications is selectable. Dual-rated for PM motor control. Multiple rating helps to save space and cost

● Third party certified functional safety (PLe, SIL3 STO) as standard

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