Modern manufacturing demands the high-speed transfer of information from the physical world to the digital world. PartInspect L is designed to play a central role in this process – combining turnkey automation techniques with high-definition AICON scanner technology to remove bottlenecks from the quality control process. Pairing a premium structured-light scanner with a powerful robot arm for automated inspection offline, nearline or at-line, PartInspect L is a straight-forward measurement cell with an easy-to-use kiosk interface that simplifies and accelerates repetitive inspection tasks. Automated offline programming reduces complexity to a minimum, while productivity is boosted by the ability to perform measurements in parallel with the creation of new scan projects, either at the cell or at another work location. With PartInspect L, project planning and execution require no expert knowledge of robot teaching, allowing for simple automation that can be operated with minimal training. This all adds up to the easy way to move vital inspection processes into the world of smart manufacturing.

Product Description

Model : Partinspect L

    PartInspect L stands on a foundation of modular hardware design that means increased flexibility and reduced costs for the user. The platform-mounted turntable and robot components simplify installation, creating a level of ‘plug and play’ functionality that means a PartInspect L cell can be set up at a customer location and made ready for operation with less than two working days of install activities.
    Simple operation is a key concept behind the custom-built software that powers PartInspect L, with an offline programming software tool able to guide the user through the measurement planning stage before programs are uploaded to the cell for execution. The system can then be controlled either directly through the offline tool or through a kiosk interface on the cell’s integrated touchscreen, for direct control of measurement tasks on the shop floor.
    The wide entrance and open top of the PartInspect L cell allow for part delivery by pallet transporter, forklift or even crane – particularly useful with part sizes up to 1.5 metres in height and diameter and 2000 kilograms in weight accommodated. With an optional roof in place, the cell becomes the perfect solution for measurement in dusty or high-ambient-light environments. Short preparation time before a new measurement also allows considerable flexibility in quickly adjusting for the analysis of different part types and sizes, ideal for service providers as well as manufacturers.

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