Class-Leading Product Features of the WAGO Power Supply Pro 2
1. Intelligent power management that supplies 150% power for 5 s, and up to 600% output current for 15 ms in the event of short circuits
2. High level of resistance to adverse environmental influences: Heat, cold and altitude have little impact on performance.
3. Pioneering communication capabilities that keep you informed about all important status information and data – ready for Industry 4.0.
4. Easy planning and installation thanks to compact dimensions and a “digital twin” – 2D/3D data are available in the most important formats.

Product Description

Brand : WAGO
Model : 2787 Series

WAGO’s new line of Pro 2 Power Supplies sets new industry communication and parameterization benchmarks. The Pro 2 Series includes six units ranging from 120–960 W, providing an energy conversion efficiency of up to 96%. These new power supplies permit fieldbus connection via snap-on type communication modules and feature WAGO’s exclusive high-performance TopBoost and PowerBoost capabilities for maximum system uptime and lower hardware costs.

Another key advantage is that these units can be tailored to any application requirement, allowing parameters such as output voltage and overload behavior to be easily configured via software.

Company Info


Contact Information :

Tel. : +66 2276-3040-45

Email : support1@uspowerdistr.com

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