CNC Hydraulic Press Brake Machine

The ABSOLUTE hydraulic system is specifically designed for high speed, synchronized Y1/Y2 press brakes. The system achieves position and parallelism accuracies of +/- 0.01mm via advanced, closed-loop hydraulics technology. The low-noise hydraulic system features high approach and retract speeds. Position accuracy and parallelism are maintained independent of load and oil temperature.

Product Description

Brand : AccurPress

Model : Absolute 
Accurpress Absolute Press Brake
The Accurpress Absolute press brake is configured to provide both high quality and a standardized package to fit the metal forming requirements of many sheet metal fabrication industries within North America, in model ranges from 50 through 250 tons and up to 14′ bed lengths.
Standard Features of the Accurpress Absolute
– Y1/Y2 Ram with +/-.0004″ Accuracy, Repeatability, and Parallelism
– Servo X and R Premium Backgauge
– Delem DA56 Control
– Accurpress American/Euro Quick Clamps
– Closed-loop Proportional Hydraulics
– CNC Hydraulic Bed Crowning on all 75 Ton and Larger Models
– Machine Groove in bed
– 24″ Swing Stock Support Arms – 1 Pair
– Tooling Package
– Wired at 460V (Step-down auto transformer required for 208/230 voltage)

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