Light Duty Chiller, Unit Cooler RKS Series.

Product Description

Brand : ORION

Model : RKS750F

  • Cooling capacity is at least 95% of listed figures.
  • When fluid temperature is 20℃ and ambient temperature is 32℃
  • The capacity figures listed represent just one point on this model’s flow-rate/head characteristic curve. Pumps differ between models; for model specific details, please refer to the pump characteristic curves.
  • Fan motor static pressure is 20Pa
  • Operating noise levels are from a position of 1m in front of the unit and at a height of 1m

Note 1: The chilled fluid can be either potable water or a low concentration ethylene glycol water solution of 10% or less.

Note 2: Heat output of the equipment (in kW) is about 1.3 times the cooling capacity. (air cooled models only)

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