Precision Ring Guides and Ring Segments

The PRT2 precision ring guides and ring segments are the ultimate product for circular motion developed into a highly advanced range of ring systems and segments. The incredibly broad range allows complete 360 degree, or segmental motion and guidance for a large range of applications across all industries. All elements of the range are available in stainless steel materials allowing for extensive use in the food, medical and scientific industries. Special food lubricants and high temperature greases are available. The broad range of rings and ring discs offer a cost effective alternative to slewing rings.

Product Description

Brand : HepcoMotion

  • Ring systems have an integrated rack and pinion drive, or timing belt negating the need for additional drive components.
  • Movement through an arc can be achieved using ring segments – saving on two systems X and Y.
  • Wide range of rings up to 1500 mm diameter with high capacity V groove bearings and simple to use lubrication systems.

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